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Color Theory Pro 1.5.1
Digital color wheel based on RYB model. ...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.9 MB
archInvoice 2.4
archInvoice is designed to produce invoices for the interior design,architectural and engineering communities. Although designed specifically for these industriesthe program can be adapted to any business thatbills on an hourly basis by phases....
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.9 MB
Photologist 1.6
Photologist is a versatile image management, manipulation, and presentation solution.  It provides users with easy but powerful ways to work with digital photos....
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.8 MB
Adobe InDesign Updater 1.5.2
Adobe InDesign 1.5.2 Updater addresses printing issues that were identified inInDesign 1.5. It also incorporates final versions of the non PostScript printingplug-in for the Mac OS, the revised Links palette, and the hyphenation fix, whichwere previo...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3.8 MB
Macromedia Flash Updater 5.0a
Macromedia Flash 5.0a Updater provides overall improved reliability and stability for the Flash 5 Macintosh authoring environment. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3.8 MB
Catalog Extreme Basic 4.0
Catalog Extreme is an ad and catalog production tool.  You can create pages and turn them into complete ads, brochures or catalogs, using modules that consist of text, image and decoration fields. All text is automatically stylized and images ar...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.8 MB
Adobe Version Cue CS Updater 1.0.1
The Adobe Version Cue CS 1.0.1 update addresses several issues that were identified in Version Cue CS. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3.7 MB
Blender 2.33
Blender, the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3.7 MB
Portfolio Gallery 1.0
Portfolio Gallery can create and re-create customized web pages containing artwork from a designer's portfolio. Store images of your portfolio in one place Generate web pages featuring your images and text Customize portfolio pages with temp...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:3.6 MB
QPict Media Organizer 6.0.3
QPict is a powerful and easy to use Multimedia browser/viewer for Mac OS. With QPict you can easily view and organize all your Multimedia filesincluding all common images, movie clips, fonts, VR, 3D and many other mediatypes.With QPict you can c...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.6 MB
inEffects 1.0
inEffects is the first Adobe InDesign plug-in of its kind that brings the special effects power of an image editing program directly to InDesign. InEffects extends InDesign's drop shadow and transparency features and adds more effects for la...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.5 MB
BitFonter 1.1
BitFonter is a full-featured bitmap font editor.  It can import and export virtually any format bitmap font and can convert vector fonts into bitmap fonts.With BitFonter you can do almost anything with bitmap fonts. You can design, edit or color...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.5 MB
Apimac Address Book 5.9
Apimac Address Book is a practical telephone and address program for Mac that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs and Email addresses. All this information, previously scattered on notes, notepads, diaries, pho...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3.3 MB
CoverStar 1.0.9
CoverStar algorithmically generates art for your CDs and DVDs.  It imports playlists from iTunes, randomly combines images and graphics in a choice of styles, then prints on a wide range of commercial paper products....
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.2 MB
Enhance Preview XT 2.2.5
Enhance Preview XT allows you to see the pictures that you place in QuarkXPress as high quality images, as if it were in PhotoShop.  You can accurately crop and align your pictures, even place type over pictures, while viewing high resolution im...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.1 MB
Wimpus 0.99c
Wimpus Radio combines the best aspects of radio with the intelligence of your computer, giving birth to a whole new way of discovering music. In short, Wimpus exposes you to new artists who match your taste. With Wimpus, there's no reason to...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3.1 MB
Magpie Pro 2.0.5
Magpie Pro is a powerful lip sync and animation timing tool for the professional animator. It was created in such a way that allows the animator to approach the task in different ways according to his or her personal taste....
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3.1 MB
Color Consultant Pro 1.1.2
Color Consultant Pro (CCP) is an interactive color wheel.  It is designed to help artists of all kinds apply color theory to design effective color schemes. Like a traditional color wheel, CCP gives visual guidelines to how colors work together....
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3 MB
Creative Pack 1.0
CreativePack is a Photoshop compatible filter that creates winding edges, undulating surfaces, bright colors and patterns. ...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:3 MB
MetroGnome 0.1.5
MetroGnome is a highly customizable freeware metronome for OS X (Cocoa), featuring many time signatures (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, and 12/8), volume control, mutes, accents, customizable sounds, silence, and tap entry. ...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:296 KB
EXIFplot 1.0
EXIFplot is a command line tool for analysing EXIF tags in digital photos and binning them so that you can see how many photos you've taken in a given time interval.  It should compile on any *nix system, but OS X binaries are included for t...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:29 KB
LightWave 3D Updater 7.5C
LightWave 3D is the most complete and flexible software solution for 3D graphics and animation. LightWave 3D is versatile enough to make the transition to and from all kinds of projects. Proven for years in television, film, and games, LightWave...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:29 MB
Aquatint 1.0.1
Apple's Aqua interface looks great, but it creates a problem for users and developers, because it's hard to make glossy, "liquid" images that go with Aqua. Aquatint solves this problem by allowing you to create your own Aqua images based...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:268 KB
Laryngitis 1.0
Laryngitis is a simple application that will speak what you type. The developer claims that it's helpful for people with speaking disabilities.However, MacUpdate doesn't understand why you wouldn't just use the FREE speech-to-text ut...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:268 KB
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Updater 7.0.1
Macromedia Flash MX is the fastest way to create rich Internet content and applications with a better return on investment.  Powerful video, multimedia and application development features allow the creation of rich user interfaces, online adver...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:26.9 MB

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