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Perfect Diet Tracker
Easy to use diet tracker application that will help you lose weight. Includes a database of over 7000 food items to get you started. No ongoing subscription fees. Free trial download. Available for Windows and Mac OS-X. ...
License Type : Commercial
The Pill Box
Medication management for the home The Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a regular basis and who wants to keep a record of their medications and the doctors who prescribe them. Reports show detailed records of all your medications...
License Type : Commercial
WABBIMS Workout Journal
Easily manage and maintain all of your essential weight-training stats An advanced Workout & Fitness Journal with an attractive and easy to use Interface, as well as a complete Data Management System to store and organize all of your essential...
License Type : Commercial
Touch & Talk - Speech Communication Software
True speech communication between patients and caregivers. The Touch & Talk speech communication and therapy software system is designed for patients suffering from any speech disability and assumes that the patient retains the ability to read a...
License Type : Commercial
ColorRelaxer - For the removal of mental and physical tension! Why do I need this program?In our age of information technologies the question about dangers which have an influence on human psyche more frequently arise. Reason of dangers can be b...
License Type : Commercial
Natura Sound Therapy v3.0
Instant Relaxation and Concentration for Improved Quality of Life. Natura Sound Therapy software is the ideal tool to improve your quality of life. You can quickly achieve states of relaxation or concentration with Natura. Featuring 34 nature ...
License Type : Commercial
Le Grand Livre du Cafe
Devenez un fin connaisseur du cafe. ...
License Type : Commercial
Adsense Articles - 200 Womans Articles
200 Womans Articles Adsense Income Finally, you are able to create websites with real content without having to write a single word.Today more than ever content is King...and not just any content...good quality content. If you think the only way...
License Type : Commercial
VIBio 1.0
Biorythms with diagramms and today's comments biorythms with diagramms and comments. - classical biorythms: physical, emotional, intellectual; - modern biorythms: intuitial, aesthetic, spiritual; - comments for today; - possibility to show a...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:4.6 MB
FullSoftware 8.8
Unlimited Download of Favorite Software, Games, Music, Movies, Utilities ! unlimited download of favorite software, games, music, movies, utilities ! download and share anything you want. get access to the fastest file-trading networks online. d...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:49 KB
SushiCalc 1.01
Sushi Calculator - Find out how much is your sushi night at home going to cost going out shopping for a sushi night at home with your friends? hold on for just a moment. this calculator will help you estimate what kind and how much groceries you...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:1.5 MB
SoftCollection Lefthander 1.36.043
Interchanges functions of left and right mouse buttons for left-handed persons. softcollection lefthander is a mouse utility that can interchange functions of left mouse button and right mouse button for lefthand people. by single mouse click on...
License Type : Demo     Download Size:72 KB
EzGourmet Muffin Cookbook
EzGourmet Muffin Cookbook ...
License Type : Commercial
Primary Care Clinic Followup Template
MedicalTemplates has developed a primary care clinic follow up medical note template. This medical note template is suitable for internal medicine physicians, family practice physicians, and other health care providers. Fillable Adobe PDF formE...
License Type : Commercial
DesktopBFL: A True Companion of Body-for-LIFE
Complete body-for-LIFE desktop application include Reports, Meal Alarams.... ...
License Type : Commercial
COPD Evaluation - 2 Page Template
Comprehensive 2 page COPD patient evaluation template MedicalTemplates has developed a comprehensive 2 page chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) patient evaluation template. This template is suitable for pulmonologists and any health care pr...
License Type : Commercial
My Last Cigarette (Smartphone)
If you''re serious about quitting smoking, My Last Cigarette is for you! ... Devin Henderson - Professional Reviewer at PocketNow. ...
License Type : Commercial
EzGourmet Soup Cookbook
EzGourmet Soup Cookbook ...
License Type : Commercial
Practical Lessons In Yoga
Yoga is an exact science based on certain immutable Laws of Nature. ...
License Type : Commercial
AcuHerb TreatSoft German
Entire Solution for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice Main function of system: 1.treatment of commonly clinical diseases including prescriptions of acupoints, earpoints and herbs. 2. expert differentiating system. 3. method to select points,...
License Type : Commercial
Natura Sound Therapy v2.0 (OSX)
Natura attunes your mind to the relaxing sounds of nature and features a brainsync function which enables you to achieve the four Brainwave states. ...
License Type : Commercial
Natura Sound Therapy v2.0
Natura attunes your mind to the relaxing sounds of nature and features a brainsync function which enables you to achieve the four Brainwave states. ...
License Type : Commercial
Hypno-Doctor combines four subliminal technologies to provide immersive hypnotherapy sessions to users. The user can layer audio, video, visual anchors and subliminal text to create a comprehensive experience for adressing any session topic the ...
License Type : Commercial
The Romantic Self - Dealing w/ Personal Romance
Romance and personal relationships are difficult for many people. Everyone has unique opinions on what type of significant other they would like or need in their life. Some people have trouble meeting new people, while others need help to revita...
License Type : Commercial
Sleep Management - Peace & Tranquility
Sleep disorder is a physical and psychological condition or disturbance of sleep and wakefulness caused by abnormalities that occur during sleep or by abnormalities of specific sleep mechanisms. ...
License Type : Commercial

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