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Linux version of JNOS ...
License Type : Not Specified
The AX.25 tools, see also ax25-lib. ...
License Type : Not Specified
AX.25 and NET/ROM support utilities. These are the support utilities for the Linux kernel AX.25 and NET/ROM facilities....
License Type : Not Specified
AX.25 Cross-port digipeater ...
License Type : Not Specified
Link Interface in FreeBSD IntroductionWelcome to the first DUAL Link Interface distribution for FreeBSD 1.1. This code and the installation is strictly BETA-TEST...
License Type : Not Specified
Node with flexnet support Flexnode is based upon linuxnode by Tomi Manninen and has flexnet support....
License Type : Not Specified
Node software based on the ax25-utils package. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Another version of KA9Q The Jnos source distribution zipfile contains both MSDOS and UNIX sources. The only UNIX system tested so far has been Linux, under kernel 2.0.18, but other versions are likely to work also. The UNIX port was done initial...
License Type : Not Specified
High speed packet radio Digipeater system This new packet radio Digipeater software offers some new capability characteristics, which will surely cause enthusiasm with the connoisseurs. That everyone can try the new software out, we brought this...
License Type : Not Specified
AX.25 and NET/ROM support utilities. Awznode is based upon LinuxNode by Tomi Manninen OH2BNS and FlexNode by Roy PE1R...
License Type : Not Specified
TheNetNode packet node software TNN includes the new INP, a TCP/IP-Router, the well known DAMA-Protocol, a much improved Routing which is fully compatible with existing old NET/ROM nodes. FLEXNET is now fully supported through the build-in Flexn...
License Type : Not Specified
KA9Q-variant TCP/IP program KA9Q-variant TCP/IP program for Amateur Radio usage...
License Type : Not Specified
net/nos port to several flavors of Unix Wampes is a port of net/nos and runs on several unix operating systems....
License Type : Not Specified
The new Library for kernel AX25 This is the AX.25 library split off from the previous ax25-utils. This package builds a shared library ( which you need for the ax25-apps and ax25-tools packages. Designed for kernel 2.2 and glibc 2.1....
License Type : Not Specified
Ax25 library (see also Lib-ax25 package) AX.25 Tools and Library To compile the new AX.25 stuff for kernel version 2.2 and higher you need the following package :- libax25- ax25-apps- ax25-tools- node...
License Type : Not Specified
Applications to use with kernel AX.25 support (kernel 2.2) This package is split off from the previous ax25-utils. You need libax25 to compile it. Programs included are: call, listen, ax25 routing daemon and ax25ip daemon....
License Type : Not Specified

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