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PostScript Utilities This archive contains some utilities for manipulating PostScript documents. Page selection and rearrangement are supported, including arrangement into signatures for booklet printing, and page merging for n-up printing....
License Type : Not Specified
Print text files to PostScript printer PCPS reads in text files, converts them to PostScript and outputs them to a PostScript printer, a file or stdout....
License Type : Not Specified
AMS PS Fonts The PostScript Type 1 implementation of the AMSFonts produced by and previously distributed by Blue Sky Research and Y&Y, Inc. are now freely available for general use. This has been accomplished through the cooperation of a con...
License Type : Not Specified
Computer Modern and LaTeX PS Fonts The Computer Modern typefaces were created in the spirit of the typeface Monotype Modern 8A by Professor Donald E. Knuth of Stanford University. The Computer Modern family includes a large set of scientific and...
License Type : Not Specified
KOI8 fonts for GNU enscript KOI8 Textbook PostScript fonts packaged for GNU enscript....
License Type : Not Specified
Printcap configuration and utilities for HP laserjets Use at your own risk. May mess up existing printer definitions and spooled print jobs. A /etc/printcap file and some shell scripts used to print ascii, postscript, and dvi, on a HP Laserjet. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Places multiple pages of text onto a single postscript page mpage formats multiple pages of ASCII text onto a single page of PostScript. It supports many different layouts for the final pages....
License Type : Not Specified
PostScript pretty printers and Motif based GUI The mp distribution now consists of two programs, mp and mptool. The mp program will pretty print various files for you. It can be used in conjunction with a mail reading utility for producing a pre...
License Type : Not Specified

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