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Backgammon Classic 3
A new version of our backgammon game This version is based on neural networks algorithms and allows you to play against computer at different levels. You can also play and chat with your friends all over the world via an internet connection. Sel...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:1.96 MB
SeaWar: The Battleship 1.27
SeaWar: The Battleship is the hottest 3D implementation of classic battleship game with impressive effects. It features four battle arenas with different ship sets, networked play, embedded chat and unforgettable gameplay. ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:3030 KB
Laser Squad Nemesis 3.10
The award winning strategy game from the creators of the X-Com series. Play Marine, Machina, Spawn or Grey campaigns against a devious AI opponent, or play online against human opponents in competitions and tournaments with over 100 maps. The aw...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:8977 KB
WOK StoneWars 1.10
Boardgame for 2 Players with unique gameplay - includes online gaming Boardgame for 2 Players, easy to learn but fun and challenging to play. Features a unique system to move, hit and split the stones you play with. Free BASIC Version includes o...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:2.26 MB
Shredder Classic 1.1
Professional chess program by the nine times world computer chess champion. Shredder Classic is a professional computer chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, the nine times world computer chess champion. It combines extremely powerful play with ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:3.83 MB
Industryplayer 1.111
IndustryPlayer is a Business Simulation Play against other players across the world, try to create the holding with the highest turnover. Become a market leader or have the most profitable companies in your holding. Buy from your competitors and...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:6.35 MB
Stack Mates 1.5
A word game where you move randomly stacked letters to form words. The computer selects words from categories such as Yellow Pages (tm), Common Words, Geography, French Words, etc and randomly places letters into stacks. A challenging word game ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:777 KB
Atomix Reversi 1
Atomix reversi is inspired from classic board Atomix reversi is inspired from classic board game Reversi / Ohtello but support MapsSkins support, Maps support (Circle, Diamond, etc..), Extra Maps Load Support, Save/Load games with symbolic names...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:1.24 MB
Chess Eye 1.1
Nach einer Recherche zum Thema "Blindschach" kommt man schnell zu dem Ergebnis, dass einer der wichtigsten Fortschritte im Schachleben das Beherrschen der Kunst der Visualisierung ist. Chess Eye bietet ?ungen zu diesem Thema. Spieler n...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:893 KB
Pax Galaxia 1.14.0
Pax Galaxia is an addictive real time strategy game, based on the board game Risk. You will be amazed at the strategic depth of this game, even if it is very easy to learn and play. Multiplayer modes are available (online or not). Pax Galaxia is...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:2000 KB
littlepeter Tic Tac Toe and Friends 1.1
Play tic tac toe and three other games. Four games in one: Tic Tac Toe, Make Fifteen, Gem Stones and Lighted Rooms.Tic Tac Toe - classic tic tac toe game, you can play with different levels of the computer or with a friend.Make Fifteen - pick up...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:1.17 MB
The Fight for Freedom 1
The Fight for Freedom is an epic game The Fight for Freedom allows you to train and build your army in an attempt to conquer the universe!...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:52.97 MB
Free demo , Erotic chess game for the PC. LoveChess takes you to a place where the gods make love on the chess-board. Play chess with sexy queens and amorous knights on your PC.Lovechess contains 4 languages....
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:17.27 MB
MP3 Trivia 1
Music Trivia with your MP3s You can play alone or play with friends. Currently it has two modes of play, Normal and Betting. In Normal mode the quicker you answer the name of the song while a random music clip plays, the more points you get. Aft...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:2.42 MB
Orbital Trader 1.05
Earn millions of billions in this detailed planetary trading game. To build your economic empire you'll have to choose the most profitable goods, take the quickest paths between the revolving planets and buy planetary structures at the right time...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:2000 KB
Dropshot 1.1
Participation in apocalyptic war guaranteed. Who said there would be no winners in a nuclear war? You can prove the opposite!Dropshot is a turn-based strategy simulating a local conflict involving the use of weapons of mass destruction, includin...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:607 KB
Lemonade Tycoon 1
Lemonade Tycoon casts you as the entrepreneur. Start with a small lemonade stand. Then you select the best location check the weather forecast perfect your recipe set your price and manage your inventory. Lemonade Tycoon casts you as the entrepr...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:172 KB
Galaxy Unfurled 1.3
The growing unrest among the galactic legions forebodes of interstellar war. Posturing of alliances and positioning of fleets, and yet, even as the galactic warlords arm themselves to the fangs, civilization blooms on lush green worlds, undeterred.&n...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:11621 KB
People's Tactics 1
A detailed, strategy wargame in the spirit of Panzer General or Empire.  Devious turn-based strategy explodes on to the scene withPeople's Tactics... A wargame in the spirit of Empire orPanzer General, but more than both of those titles. Com...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:5.61 MB
Starship Tycoon 1
Space strategy/management game Addictive and deep management/strategy game that puts you in charge of your own galactic shipping corporation. Transport passengers and cargoes between the stars, manage your employees and compete against AI oppone...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:5.86 MB
Mancala Snails 1.00
The ancient game of counting and strategy Mancala Snails is based on the ancient game of counting and strategy. Challenge the computer with 3 levels of difficulty or go head-to-head with a friend in two-player mode....
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:2.01 MB
Monopoly Tycoon 1
Monopoly Tycoon is a simulation game where the traditional fantasy of "owning it all" is taken to the next level.  Monopoly Tycoon is a simulation game where the traditional fantasy of "owning it all" is taken to the next level. You come to this...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:55.08 MB
4Kingdoms 1
Action of game occur in a far middle ages in epoch of the kings.... There will be no words to describe this game just download it and see 4Kingdoms your own eyes The epoch of the kings a middle ages what can be more beautiful than that atmospher...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:3.78 MB
Age of Castles 1
stretegy/fantasy game Start with a single castle and expand your dominion until you rule the land....
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:9.06 MB
Starlines INC 1
Real time spacve trading strategy game Starlines inc is a strategy game that puts you in command of a fleet of starships carrying passengers and cargo between different worlds. You have direct control over which cargo and passengers your ships t...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:5.86 MB

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