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A computer Risk game with explosions, hard AI, lots of maps, and multiplayer! ...
License Type : Commercial
i-ChineseChess lets you play Chinese Chess on PC or on internet ...
License Type : Commercial
xTroll for Pocket PC
We offer the best collection of abstract games for Palm and Pocket PC Play Troll - simple and addictive board game. If you like Othello than you will enjoy this game.Troll is played between two opponents on a board.Each player drops one of his s...
License Type : Commercial
xQuadrature for Pocket PC
Quadrature is a two player strategy game. ...
License Type : Commercial
xCephalopod for Pocket PC
Cephalopod is a new two player strategy game made by Mark Steere.The rules are extremely easy to teach and learn.Cephalopod won the Parents' Choice award, Recommendedclassification. ...
License Type : Commercial
All of the games for PocketPCs ...
License Type : Commercial
Play 4 games: Stack4, Stack 4x4, Connectris and Anti-Stack 4 on your Palm ...
License Type : Commercial
Starships Unlimited discount
A fast-paced 4X space strategy game ...
License Type : Commercial
Pocket ChessPartner
Pocket ChessPartner is a chess game with many features for both beginners and advanced players. ...
License Type : Commercial
Place rabbit on a board. The following move each rabbit reproduce itself. ...
License Type : Commercial
Battleship Chess and Starships Unlimited discount
Battleship Chess and Starships Unlimited discount bundle ...
License Type : Commercial
xOffice for PALM
The xOffice is collection of classic and non-classic board games for PALM ...
License Type : Commercial
Prime Minister Forever - British + Commonwealth
Election simulation of the British election, with Australian and Canadian elections. ...
License Type : Commercial
Elections Forever: The Complete Set
All Forever Games In One! ...
License Type : Commercial
xAtaxx fo Pocket PC
Ataxx is board game similar to Othello, but quite different . ...
License Type : Commercial
Smugglers 3
Play a greedy trader, an ambitious bounty hunter, a ruthless pirate and attack whole planets. ...
License Type : Commercial
Bluff your way to capturing the enemy's flag ...
License Type : Commercial
All versions of Slay
All formats of Slay ...
License Type : Commercial
Pax Galaxia (Windows)
Conquer the galaxy in this unique real time strategy game. ...
License Type : Commercial
xOthello for Pocket PC
Play Othello and Reverse-Othello ...
License Type : Commercial
Prime Minister Forever (Discount)
Prime Mininster Forever Discount ...
License Type : Commercial
Double Chess for PalmOS
Chess program which plays single and double board chess. ...
License Type : Commercial
Smugglers 2 Addon New lands
First upgrade for Smugglers 2. ...
License Type : Commercial
Halloween Spirit Board
Novelty spirit board that answers your questions about life, love and the future ...
License Type : Commercial
Reveal Your Rank! for Windows
Strategy board game for Windows similar to Stratego ...
License Type : Commercial

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