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ELF to a.out conversion utility This utility will convert a static ELF binary to a static a.out one. It is useful when you have an ELF system (like Red Hat Linux) on the SPARC and SPARC64, but need to convert a kernel to a.out so you can net boo...
License Type : Not Specified
Firewall admin tool Linux ipchains is a rewrite of the Linux IPv4 firewalling code and a rewrite of ipfwadm. It is required to administer the IP packet filters in Linux kernel v....
License Type : Not Specified
Displays status of the serial lines in a terminal Statserial displays a table of the signals on a standard 9-pin or 25-pin serial port, and indicates the status of the handshaking lines. It can be useful for debugging problems with serial ports ...
License Type : Not Specified
Switches a system between local video and serial consoles setconsole sets up /etc/inittab, /dev/systty, and /dev/console for a new console. The console may be either the local terminal (directly attached to the system via a video card) or a seri...
License Type : Not Specified
GNU shell utilities The GNU shell utilities provide many of the basic common commands used (among other things) for shell programming, hence the name. Nearly all shell scripts use at least one of these programs....
License Type : Not Specified
Shadow password file utilities for Linux This package includes the programs necessary to convert traditional V7 UNIX password files to the SVR4 shadow password format and additional tools to work with shadow passwords. - `pwconv` converts everyt...
License Type : Not Specified
Traffic shaper device configurator Configure and adjust traffic shaper bandwidth limiters. This package requires a kernel that has support for the shaper module. Currently this is the case with the 2.0.36 or later kernels and with late 2.1.X ker...
License Type : Not Specified
Signal Generator This is a set of tools for imitating a laboratory Signal Generator, generating audio signals out of Linux`s /dev/dsp audio device. There is support for mono and/or stereo and 8 or 16 bit samples. The basic waveform sample genera...
License Type : Not Specified
Login program for SLIP Attaches a SLIP interface to standard input. This is often used to allow dialin SLIP connections....
License Type : Not Specified
Command-line utility Splitter is a handy util that takes standard input and pipes it to other processes. Kinda like tee, but much more powerful....
License Type : Not Specified
Solid, POSIX compliant tar implementation A highly POSIX compliant tar implementation...
License Type : Not Specified
Display information about installed SCSI subsystems Displays information about installed SCSI subsystems....
License Type : Not Specified
Root command executor Su1 allows selected users to run selected commands as root based on a - privilege file which is editable, easily understandable, and versatile. - The privilege file is read line by line to find directives which change - the...
License Type : Not Specified
Allows command execution as root for specified users Sudo (superuser do) allows a system administrator to give certain users (or groups of users) the ability to run some (or all) commands as root while logging all commands and arguments. Sudo op...
License Type : Not Specified
A program to allow normal user to perform root tasks Super is a setuid-root program that offers o restricted setuid-root access to executables, adjustable on a per-program and per-user basis; o a relatively secure environment for scripts, so tha...
License Type : Not Specified
A program to list your system configuration files Survey is a nearly complete list of your system files. If you have ever had a busted install or OS upgrade, or a hardware crash, you have no way to get Linux booted so as to print out system info...
License Type : Not Specified
Svpw enables the setting of a supervisor password on a Toshiba laptop A version of a program to enable the setting of the supervisor password, and the changing of the user mode under Linux. It is functionally a replacement for the svpw.exe progr...
License Type : Not Specified
System log watcher and alarm Swatch is used to monitor log files. When it sees a line matching a pattern you specify, it can highlight it and print it out, or run external programs to notify you through mail or some other means....
License Type : Not Specified
The GNU Info Node to HTML Gateway The info2www script makes your CGI compliant HTTP/1.0 or later server a gateway to all that information you have "stacked away" in the GNU Info Nodes (you know - the Info Nodes accessible from Emacs). The Info N...
License Type : Not Specified
Show process status (simple ps) sps displays the process listing in a much more human-readable format with clear indication of process hierarchy....
License Type : Not Specified
Keeps one or more Red Hat Linux systems current on updates There are 8 scripts for use with RPM files for comparing them with files already on your system. It will also do directories. There is also a script to extract a single file from an RPM....
License Type : Not Specified
Red Hat Print Filter System The Red Hat print filter system provides an easy way to handle the printing of numerous file formats. Meant primarily to be used in conjuction with the Red Hat printtool. With netatalk printer, pdf, and uniprint suppo...
License Type : Not Specified
Program that helps you do hand upgrades of your RH system rhupgrade - a perl program that help you upgrade your RedHat system by hand by giving you list of packages that have version or release updates, as well as packages that haven`t changed, ...
License Type : Not Specified
Internet ``redirection server`` Redirects TCP connections from one IP address and port to another. rinetd is a single-process server which handles any number of connections to the address/port pairs specified in the file /etc/rinetd.conf. Since ...
License Type : Not Specified
RJ45 Connector Information RJ45 connectors are used for 10-baseT and 100-baseT. This document includes the pinouts of these connectors. This page was created as there were a lot of questions about making RJ45 connectors and RJ45 null-modem conne...
License Type : Not Specified

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