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Creates a ISO9660 filesystem image This is the mkisofs package. It is used to create ISO 9660 file system images for creating CD-ROMs. Now includes support for making bootable "El Torito" CD-ROMs....
License Type : Not Specified
Makes a kickstart description file for a machine This package writes kickstart descriptions from the current machine, allowing you to generate automatic builds of the machine and clone it....
License Type : Not Specified
A daemon to keep your CPU under your control A couple of tools to automatically nice processes based on who owns them....
License Type : Not Specified
Configuration tool for /dev/modem The modem tool is a graphical simple configuration tool for selecting which of your serial ports is connected to a modem....
License Type : Not Specified
Red Hat Backup Utility rhbackup is a backup utility that can be used for local and remote backups. This should be considered alpha quality software and should be used with care....
License Type : Not Specified
Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet A modular spreadsheet tool with table, graphical, textual data viewers and full drag and drop user interface. Can be used as a monitoring tool through customizable data access modules. Includes ps, cpu...
License Type : Not Specified
Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems Mount is used for adding new filesystems, both local and networked, to your current directory structure. The filesystems must already exist for this to work. It can also be used to change the acce...
License Type : Not Specified
Control magnetic tape drive operation (mt) The mt program can be used to perform many operations on tapes, including rewind, eject, skipping files and blocks, etc....
License Type : Not Specified
Control magnetic tape drive operation (mt) with rsh ability ala GNU tar The mt program can be used to perform many operations on tapes, including rewind, eject, skipping files and blocks, etc. This version is based on mt-st-0.4 and has been exte...
License Type : Not Specified
Mtx controls the robotic mechanism in DDS Autoloaders The MTX program controls the robotic mechanism in DDS Autoloaders such as the Seagate 4586NP (Archive Python 28849-XXX). This program is also reported to work with the Seagate 4584NP, HP Sure...
License Type : Not Specified
A program for safely making tmp files mktemp is a small utility that interfaces to the mktemp() function call to allow shell scripts and other programs to use files in /tmp safely....
License Type : Not Specified
X based process monitoring utilities The procps-X11 package contains the XConsole shell script, a backwards compatibility wrapper for the xconsole program....
License Type : Not Specified
Utilities for monitoring process activities The psacct package contains several utilities for monitoring process activities, including ac, lastcomm, accton and sa. The ac command displays statistics about how long users have been logged on. The ...
License Type : Not Specified
Red Hat utilities for probing and diagnosing system hardware The rhs-hwdiag package contains the Red Hat Hardware Discovery Tools. These tools probe the serial and parallel ports on your system, and are useful for finding and reporting hardware ...
License Type : Not Specified
A text mode configuration tool Setuptool is a user-friendly text mode menu utility which allows you to access all of the text mode configuration programs included in the Red Hat Linx operating system. You should install the setuptool package bec...
License Type : Not Specified
Network management utilities using SNMP, from the UCD-SNMP project The ucd-snmp package contains various utilities for use with the UCD-SNMP network management project. Install this package if you need utilities for managing your network using t...
License Type : Not Specified
Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks The usermode package contains several graphical tools for users: userinfo, usermount and userpasswd. Userinfo allows users to change their finger information. Usermount lets users mount, ...
License Type : Not Specified
Tools for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks The ipxutils package includes utilities (ipx_configure, ipx_internal_net, ipx_interface, ipx_route) necessary for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks under Linux. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system The procps package contains a set of system utilities which provide system information. Procps includes ps, free, skill, snice, tload, top, uptime, vmstat, w, and watch. The ps co...
License Type : Not Specified
Linux console tools This package contains utilities to load console fonts and keyboard maps. It also includes a number of different fonts and keyboard maps....
License Type : Not Specified
Framebuffer utilities for changing video modes fbset is a utility for querying and changing video modes of fbcon consoles....
License Type : Not Specified
GNOME utility programs such as calendar and calculator GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environment. This powerful environment is both easy to use and easy to configure. This package will install some GNOME utilities, such as the calendar a...
License Type : Not Specified
A graphical front end to the Red Hat Package Manager, for GNOME Gnome RPM is a graphical front end to RPM, similar to Glint, but written with the GTK widget set and the GNOME libraries. It is currently under development, so there are some featur...
License Type : Not Specified
The GNOME system monitor GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environment. This powerful environment is both easy to use and easy to configure. This package will install the GNOME system monitor gtop, which shows memory graphs and processes....
License Type : Not Specified
Utilities for the ncpfs filesystem, a NetWare client for Linux Ncpfs is a filesystem which understands the Novell NetWare(TM) NCP protocol. Functionally, NCP is used for NetWare the way NFS is used in the TCP/IP world. For a Linux system to moun...
License Type : Not Specified

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