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A free virtual machine to run Java(tm) code This is Kaffe, a virtual machine designed to execute Java bytecode. This machine can be configured in two modes. In one mode it operates as a pure bytecode interpreter (not unlike Javasoft's machin...
License Type : Not Specified
LCC C Compiler LCC is a retargetable compiler for ISO Standard C. It generates code for the ALPHA, SPARC, MIPS R3000, and Intel x86 and its successors....
License Type : Not Specified
Library of GCC support routines Contains a shared library of support routines used by GCC's runtime, and thus by every program on the system....
License Type : Not Specified
Modula-2 compiler and libraries for 80[3456]86 family Provides a Modula-2 compiler, tools and libraries....
License Type : Not Specified
Mozart, an efficient and distributed implementation of Oz The Mozart system provides state-of-the-art support in two areas: open distributed computing and constraint-based inference. Mozart implements Oz, a concurrent object-oriented language wi...
License Type : Not Specified
Mozart contributions This package contains a collection of contributed software packages fro Mozart that might come in handy for applications like a regular expression package, data base interfaces, and so on....
License Type : Not Specified
Mozart documentation This package contains the extensive Mozart online documentation as a set of HTML pages. It also contains demo applications that can directly be started from the pages....
License Type : Not Specified
Rice University PLT DrScheme DrScheme pedagogical programming environment, Version 53....
License Type : Not Specified
Python modules to support MySQL This package contains client module for connecting to MySQL databases from Python....
License Type : Not Specified
Pike v0.4 manual: Getting started, Control structures, Types, Pike and object orientation, Builtin functions, Keyword index, Pike internals. ...
License Type : Not Specified
GNU C Compiler with Pentium optimizations The GNU C compiler -- a full featured ANSI C compiler, with support for K&R C as well. GCC provides many levels of source code error checking traditionally provided by other tools (such as lint), pro...
License Type : Not Specified
C++ support for gcc This package adds C++ support to the GNU C compiler. It includes support for most of the current C++ specification, including templates and exception handling. It does not include a standard C++ library, which is available se...
License Type : Not Specified
Fortran 77 support for gcc This apckage adds support for compiling Fortran 77 programs with the GNU compiler....
License Type : Not Specified
Header files and libraries for C++ development This is the GNU implementation of the standard C++ libraries. This package includes the header files and libraries needed for C++....
License Type : Not Specified
Objective C support for gcc This package adds Objective C support to the GNU C compiler. Objective C is a object oriented derivative of the C language, mainly used on systems running NeXTSTEP. This package does not include the standard objective...
License Type : Not Specified
A language somewhere between Java, Perl and Python Pike is a dynamic language with a syntax that looks like C. It is simple to learn, doesn`t need long compilation passes and has powerful builtin data types that allow simple and fast data manipu...
License Type : Not Specified
Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ) Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ) is a compiler and programming environment for the Standard ML programming language. Standard ML is a safe, modular, strict, functional, polymorphic programming language with c...
License Type : Not Specified
Python MySQL module The MySQL module for Python allows you to access the MySQL database from within Python programs. Note: This does not require the MySQL client programs to be installed on your machine, but does require a MySQL server installed...
License Type : Not Specified
The GNU Eiffel Compiler and Libraries SmallEiffel is a small, portable implementation of the Eiffel OO programming language. Eiffel cleanly implements all the important concepts of OO programming, including: multiple inheritance, genericity, pol...
License Type : Not Specified
xxd creates a hex dump of a given file or standard input. It can also convert a hex dump back to its original binary form. Like uuen- code(1) and uudecode(1) it allows the transmission of binary data in a `mail-safe` ASCII representation, but ha...
License Type : Not Specified
A Tcl/Tk development environment: tcl, tk, tix, tclX, expect, and itcl Tcl is a simple scripting language designed to be embedded into other applications. Tcl is designed to be used with Tk, a widget set, which is provided in the tk package. Thi...
License Type : Not Specified
Tcl/Tk extensions for POSIX systems TclX is a set of extensions which make it easier to use the Tcl scripting language for common UNIX/Linux programming tasks. TclX enhances Tcl support for files, network access, debugging, math, lists, and mess...
License Type : Not Specified
A set of capable widgets for Tk Tix (Tk Interface Extension), an add-on for the Tk widget set, is an extensive set of over 40 widgets. In general, Tix widgets are more complex and more capable than the widgets provided in Tk. Tix widgets include...
License Type : Not Specified
GUI interface for Python A graphical interface for Python, based on Tcl/Tk, and used by many of the configuration tools....
License Type : Not Specified
TYA Java JIT for Linux TYA is a "100 percent unofficial" JIT-compiler original designed as an add-on to Randy Chapman's port of JDK 1.0.2 for Linux (x86). The author has added some changes in TYA code for working together with the newer 1.1....
License Type : Not Specified

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