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Information on using Linux with Spanish-specific features This is the very first issue of the Spanish Linux HOWTO. The target audience of this document is the growing family of Linux users in Spain and Latin America, so this How-To is of course ...
License Type : Not Specified
How to boot Linux/Alpha using the SRM firmware This document describes how to boot Linux/Alpha using the SRM firmware, which is the firmware normally used to boot DEC Unix. Generally, it is preferable to use MILO instead of aboot since MILO is p...
License Type : Not Specified
General overview of security issues This document is a general overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems. It covers general security philosophy and a number of specific examples of how to better secure your Linux s...
License Type : Not Specified
How on use serial devices (modems, terminals) with Linux This document describes serial port features not covered by Text-Terminal-HOWTO or Serial-Programming-HOWTO. It covers mostly getty, multiport serial cards and modems....
License Type : Not Specified
How to use serial ports in programs. This document describes how to program communications with devices over a serial port on a Linux box....
License Type : Not Specified
How to obtain, install, and configure shadow passwords This document aims to describe how to obtain, install, and configure the Linux password Shadow Suite. It also discusses obtaining, and reinstalling other software and network daemons that re...
License Type : Not Specified
Information on using Linux with Slovenian-specific features Information on using Linux with Slovenian-specific features....
License Type : Not Specified
Describes good release practices for Linux open-source projects This HOWTO describes good release practices for Linux open-source projects. By following these practices, you will make it as easy as possible for users to build your code and use i...
License Type : Not Specified
Tips on founding, maintaining, and growing a Linux User Group The Linux User Group HOWTO is a guide to founding, maintaining, and growing a Linux User Group....
License Type : Not Specified
How to play various sound formats under Linux This document lists applications for Linux that play various sound formats....
License Type : Not Specified
How to create a root-mounted RAID filesystem This document provides a cookbook for creating a root mounted raid filesystem and companion fallback rescue system using linux initrd. There are complete step-by-step instruction for both raid1 and ra...
License Type : Not Specified
This document explains what text terminals are. This document explains what text terminals are, how they work, how to install and configure them, and provides some info on how to repair them. It may be of some use even if you don't have a te...
License Type : Not Specified
How to configure Linux for use with the Thai characterset This document describes how to use Thai language with Linux. This will cover setting Thai fonts, Thai keyboard and some Thai applications....
License Type : Not Specified
HOWTO on miscellaneous tips and tricks for Linux This HOWTO contains those hard to find hints and tweekings that make Linux a bit nicer....
License Type : Not Specified
How to install and use the UMSDOS filesystem Umsdos is a linux file system. It provide an alternative to the EXT2 file-system. Its main goal is to achieve easier coexistence with Ms-DOS data by sharing the same partition. This document explain f...
License Type : Not Specified
Information on using a UPS power supply with Linux This document will help you connect an uninterruptable power supply to a Linux box... if you're lucky... Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 by Harvey J. Stein. You may use this document as...
License Type : Not Specified
Information on UUCP software for Linux This document describes the setup, care & feeding of UUCP under Linux. You need to read this if you plan to connect to remote sites via UUCP via a modem, via a direct-connection, or via Internet. You pr...
License Type : Not Specified
Sound hardware and software for the Linux operating system This document describes sound support for Linux. It lists the supported sound hardware, describes how to configure the kernel drivers, and answers frequently asked questions. The intent ...
License Type : Not Specified
Information on using Linux with Portuguese-specific features Information on using Linux with Portuguese-specific features...
License Type : Not Specified
How to use optical disk drives with Linux This document describes the installation and configuration of optical disk drives for Linux. Please, if any one has experiences with optical storage under Linux, send it and I will update it in SGML and ...
License Type : Not Specified
How to setup Oracle as a database server guide to installing and configuring the Oracle Database Server on a Linux system...
License Type : Not Specified
Information on PCI-architecture compatibility with Linux Information on what works with Linux and PCI-boards and what does not....
License Type : Not Specified
How to install and use PCMCIA Card Services This document describes how to install and use PCMCIA Card Services for Linux, and answers some frequently asked questions....
License Type : Not Specified
Information on using PPP networking with Linux This document shows how to connect your Linux PC to a PPP server, how to use PPP to link two LANs together and provides one method of setting up your Linux computer as a PPP server.The document also...
License Type : Not Specified
How to use your Palm OS device with a Linux system This HOWTO document explains how to use your Palm OS device with a Linux system. Although HOWTO documents are targeted towards use with the Linux operating system, this one is not dependent on t...
License Type : Not Specified

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