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Yet another clock program A clock for the KDE environment with some more....
License Type : Not Specified
A KDE frontend for RPM This packages contains a KDE frontend for RPM, the Red Hat Package Manager....
License Type : Not Specified
K Command Line Interface This package contains kcli, the KDE Command Line Interface....
License Type : Not Specified
KDM -> KDE Display Manager (kdm) Kdm is intended as a "drop-in" replacement of xdm. It reads the xdm specific files (usually in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm), so it should not be necessary to change them. The KDE configuration is in the file $(KDED...
License Type : Not Specified
K Desktop common application links and types A set of common application links for the KDE desktop pre-packaged. These include netscape, gimp, and others. Wine support for running .exe files from kde is also included....
License Type : Not Specified
International keyboard configuration A KDE control panel application which allows you to configure your keyboard with your national keys in the right place....
License Type : Not Specified
This package contains kirc, a KDE compatible IRC client. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Joystick configuration tool With kjoy you can easily test and calibrate your joystick. If you don't have KDE installed under /usr/kde use rpm --prefix location to install....
License Type : Not Specified
This package contains klyx, a KDE compatible version of LyX. ...
License Type : Not Specified
KDE process viewer/performance monitor This is an early alpha version of ktop, a taskmananger and performance monitor with its look & feel shamelessly copied from Windows(tm) NT 4....
License Type : Not Specified
KDE MPEG audio player Kmpg is an MPEG audio player for the KDE project. The player uses mpg123 by Michael Hipp as a decoding engine. --BETA--....
License Type : Not Specified

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