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sqlitespl 1.0
Would you like to know how to create embedded SQL database applications using using Visual C++ with SQLite? What is SQLite? SQLite is a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine.Download this sample eBook. ...
License Type : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:0.04 MB
eBook 1.0
This eBook "How to Create an eBook Using Visual C++" is a step-by-step illustrated guide for Visual C++ developers to learn how to compile HTML files into a Windows executable, therefore avoiding the need to use commercial HTML compilers. ...
License Type : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:0.43 MB
L-Nix 1.20a
L-nix is an interactive UNIX tutorial program that teaches beginner to advanced concepts of the UNIX operating system L-nix includes a simple UNIX shell simulator allowing users to try out commands as they are learned. The L-Nix demo contains 10...
License Type : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:0.61 MB
L-Basic 1.23
L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program L-Basic emphasizes teaching proper Basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-Basic will help you understand how to program in the most popular versions of the Basic language...
License Type : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:0.58 MB
PowerBASIC f32 Quick-Referenz 1.0
Uberwiegende Teile dieser elektronischen PowerBASIC Quick-Referenz wurden sinngem?ss der englischen Originalreferenz entnommen, bestm?glichst ins deutsche tzt, und mit weiteren Erg?nzungen versehen Sie erhebt jedoch keinen Anspruch auf eine abs...
License Type : Time-limited Trial     Download Size:0.03 MB
MS DOS Interrupt List v60
is a collection of essays written by leaders of the open source movement. The essays, which are in HTML format, make up the entire text of the book "Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution" by O'Reilly. The essays incl...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3 MB
Micro Control Simulator for Windows 95/NT v2.3
is a study aid for students of low-level programming. The simulator is based on the low eight bits of the 8086 chip. It can be single stepped or continuously run. The CPU registers and RAM contents are made visible. The simulator is programmed i...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:596 KB
MazeBots v1.21
is a robotic simulation that lets you design your own robot and program it to go through mazes. It has a user-friendly yet powerful language that lets you do everything from learning programming skills to trying out AI (artificial intelligence)....
License Type : 30-day Trial     Download Size:1 MB
LogoMation v2.0
is an easy to learn computer programming environment.. With LogoMation, you can write programs that tell the computer to draw things. When the program is ready, you click the Go button and you can see the picture that you were describing to the ...
License Type : 21-day Trial     Download Size:3 MB
Intercom v2.1
is a set of applications which illustrate the basics of Internet communications protocols. Intercom uses PPP, TCP/IP and UDP to connect to a server and runs a simple e-mail application using the POP3 protocol. It displays all the packets transmi...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:68 KB
GTAsciilator v1.0
is an ASCII conversion chart that displays hex, decimal, octal and binary numbers. The chart is displayed as a keyboard. Clicking any character displays the corresponding decimal, hexadecimal, binary or octal equivalent....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:175 KB
FileExt v4
is a reference that lists of over 1500 file extensions and the applications that use them. Did you know that files with the WPM extension are WordPerfect Macros? Or that DBC files are FoxPro database containers? FileExt is a Windows Help file th...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:42 KB
eBook (Sydney 2000) Children Computer Programming v1.3
guides you step-by-step in programming a computer animation using the QuickBASIC computer language. This book can teach you how to make programs for a computer. QBASIC or QuickBASIC has a simple structure for its programs and it is easy to under...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:3 MB
Crash Course Delphi 4
Delphi 32 bit hands-on tutorial, beginners and intermediate. Trial version: the first 3 lessons + source code + project. The full version includes membership of the DelphiLand Club for life, giving access to all lessons, projects and source code.&nbs...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:112 KB
Btree v1.0
is an eduational program that demonstrates the B tree concept. This program implements B-tree links with pointers and cursors. Btree is aimed at univeristy level computer science students....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:204 KB
Book on Basic
is a text file that provides an introduction to programming in DOS BASIC. Over 200 detailed pages are included, covering everything from keyboard input to peek and poke functions. The text file can be viewed in Microsoft Word....
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:84 KB
AsciHelp v1.01
is a handy ASCII character reference table. The chart shows all of the characters numbered 0 through 255 and their corresponding ASCII code....
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:28 KB
AriTech ASCII Table v1.11a
displays an ASCII table. When you select a character in the character map pane, the ordinal form of the character is shown in four numeric formats: decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary. You also can copy the selected character to the Clipboard...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:232 KB
Advanced T-Robots v2.10 beta
is a game in which players write programs to control robots which battle to the death in a simulated arena, using a programming language similar to assembly language. Can you match wits against the programming skills of your friends? In Advanced...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:257 KB
Advanced MFC Programming v1.00
is a tutorial with 159 step-by-step examples that show how to program using Microsoft Foundation Classes. The tutorial covers many advanced topics on building user interfaces under the Windows environment. Each of the 16 chapters contains detail...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:18 MB
Visual Basic for Kids v2.0
is an interactive Basic tutorial designed for children aged 10 and older. Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the building process. The tutorial also includes many detailed computer projects for kids to build and try. No prog...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:567 KB
Visual Basic and Databases v1.0
is a tutorial introduction to using Visual Basic for database access and maintenance. The tutorial is a combination of over 700 pages of course notes and actual Visual Basic examples. It presumes no previous experience with databases, but users ...
License Type : Shareware     Download Size:1 MB
VBA Tutor (Part Two) v2c
is an advanced tutorial that illustrates how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Office 97. Eight lessons are included. The lessons include: intermediate skills, organizing data, string manipulation, math operators, passing a...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:162 KB
VBA Tutor (Part One) v1b
is an introductory tutorial that illustrates how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Office 97. Nine lessons and three exercises are included. The lessons include: functions and variables, VBA control structures, radio button...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:223 KB
Thinking in Java (PDF format) v1.0
is the Adobe PDF version of the 841-page Java programming book "Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckel. The book is well-written and loaded with examples and programming exercises. Topics include: objects, program flow, initialization and cl...
License Type : Freeware     Download Size:3 MB

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