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Watches for hard drives that fill up Basically, this script checks your drive space every hour and takes action according to a very simple config file......
License Type : Not Specified
Watches for changes between RPM database and actual system This package keeps track of differences between the RPM database and the actual files installed on your system. It checks every night for any changes in these differences....
License Type : Not Specified
Kernel clock management adjtimex is a kernel clock management system. It is useful in adjusting the system clock for accuracy....
License Type : Not Specified
Bootloader which can be started from SRM console The SRM console needs special information in the boot block on a device to boot it properly. This package allows you to create bootable block devices and contains a program to load Linux kernels f...
License Type : Not Specified
Power Control Program for Best Patriot UPS A program that monitors Best Patriot UPS systems for power outages and alarms and calls init when they occur. Allows for the automated shutdown of the system when alarms occur and killing of the inverte...
License Type : Not Specified
User creation program The adduser program creates a new username on your system by adding the name to the username and group databases and (optionally) creating and populating a home directory for the user....
License Type : Not Specified
Standalone BogoMIPs benchmark program bogomips is a standalone program that displays your system performance using one of the world's most recognized benchmarks. It uses the same code that is used in the Linux kernel while booting, but runs ...
License Type : Not Specified
agetty-2.1-1.tar.bz2 ...
License Type : Not Specified
Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities This is a Advanced Power Management daemon and utilities. It can watch your notebook`s battery and warn all users when the battery is low. I have added an unofficial patch for shutting down the PCMC...
License Type : Not Specified
RPM Auto-Installer or FTP Mirrorer AutoRPM is a program that can do any combination of the following: mirror RPMs from an FTP site, keep installed RPMs consistent with an FTP site or local directory, and keep installed RPMs in a cluster or netwo...
License Type : Not Specified
Keeps one or more Red Hat Linux systems current on updates This script is designed to be run every night by a server machine. It will look for new updates and install them if necessary. It will also let any number of client machines apply the sa...
License Type : Not Specified
Client side for the autoupdate program This script is designed to be run every night by a server machine. It will look for new updates and install them if necessary. It will also let any number of client machines apply the same upgrades if neces...
License Type : Not Specified
AWE32 Sound Driver Utility Programs awesfx includes a couple of utilities for the AWE32 sound driver. You need to use these utilities to enable sounds on the driver properly. This package includes a soundfont that is a replacement for the SYNTHG...
License Type : Not Specified
The Dotfile Generator bash module The Dotfile Generator is a graphical interface to configure various common utilities and software. This is the bash module....
License Type : Not Specified
Access Control and User Administration ACUA is designed to facilitate the administration of Linux systems hosting modem pools. ACUA`s high-level goals are: o to automate the enforcement of access restrictions o to automate (as much as possible) ...
License Type : Not Specified
Text-mode RPM tool The glitter program allows you to interactively (un)install, query, and verify RPM packages using a text-mode newt interface....
License Type : Not Specified
Creates a DOS FAT filesystem on a device This is the dosfsck package. You can use this under Linux to check MS-DOS FAT file systems. No FAT32 support yet....
License Type : Not Specified
This is the ftape driver from Claus-Justus Heine ...
License Type : Not Specified
Extended calendar with highlighting, holidays, etc gcal is an extended calendar program. It is terminal mode, but does highlighting of holidays and other fancy features....
License Type : Not Specified
Generic NQS queueing utility Generic NQS is a generic UNIX queueing system for batch queue processing...
License Type : Not Specified
UPS battery support for a variety of UPS's Genpowerd monitors the serial port connected to an UPS device and will perform an unattended shutdown of the system if the UPS is on battery longer than a specified number of minutes....
License Type : Not Specified
Generate romfs filesystems. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Getty ps
Getty and uugetty getty and uugetty are used to accept logins on the console or a terminal. They can handle answer a modem for dialup connections (although mgetty is recommended for that purpose)....
License Type : Not Specified
Get blocks from an (ext2) filesystem on Linux This program allows you to seek to a given point in a file or a block device and write a given number of blocks out from that point, without reading the intervening material. This is useful in attemp...
License Type : Not Specified
Graphical Linux INstallation Tool Glint is a graphical interface to the RPM package management tool. It allows you to browse packages installed on your system, verify and query those package. It allows allows you to update packages with new vers...
License Type : Not Specified

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