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A free ethernet protocol analyzer / sniffer K.ARP.SKI (karpski) is an ethernet protocol analyzer / sniffer. Its abilities as a sniffer or scanner are limited, but this sniffer is much easier to use than other popular sniffers such as tcpdump. In...
License Type : Not Specified
Uil and xmbind. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Uil and xmbind. ...
License Type : Not Specified
Eterm Background Archive Eterm Background Archive....
License Type : Not Specified
The AfterStep CD Changer Use this bad boy to swap CD`s graphically under X. It is designed to work with 4 CD changers (My NEC 4x4 Specifically) but should work with any drive that uses ATAPI swapping properly. Of course, the icon will seem wierd...
License Type : Not Specified
A CD player for Afterstep and Window Maker ascd is a CD player that can be "docked" on the Afterstep Wharf or the Window Maker dock....
License Type : Not Specified
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 beta Acrobat Reader is part of the Adobe Acrobat family of software, which lets you view, distribute, and print documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)--regardless of the computer, operating system, fonts, or applica...
License Type : Not Specified
A mail program for X-Windows Arrow is a free e-mail program that was written to address the e-mail needs of users migrating from Win95 and the Macintosh to Linux. It Currently supports viewing, composing, and organizing of e-mail, including secu...
License Type : Not Specified
Motif based Address and Phone book database manager Mdb is a Motif based Database Manager. It is oriented to fulfill the needs of an organized address and phone book utility that takes advantage of the freeware equivalent to troff, "groff", the ...
License Type : Not Specified
A modification to the standard clock widget An extension to the standard X clock widget. Modifications are: configurable direction of rotation and font support in analog mode....
License Type : Not Specified
X11 text editor MEdit is a simple X11 text editor, based on the MGui Toolkit Find More in medit.txt....
License Type : Not Specified
Tk script to read and display GNU "info" files TkInfo is a tk script to read GNU "info" files and display them. TkInfo can be used stand alone (via WISH), or embedded within an application to provide integrated, on-line help....
License Type : Not Specified
A graphical man page viewer TkMan is a graphical, hypertext manual page and Texinfo browser for UNIX. TkMan boasts hypertext links, (optional) outline view of pages with a novel information visualization mechanism called NoteMarks, full text sea...
License Type : Not Specified
Source level C debugger that runs under X11 a C/C++ source debugger for X11....
License Type : Not Specified
Vietnamese Color xterm vnterm allows typing vietnamese using VISQR method; it also allows reading 7bit VISQR. Also displays the ANSI color codes in addition to performing as a standard xterm/VT100 terminal emulator....
License Type : Not Specified
A WindowMaker Dock CD+Sound Applet This is the second and hopefully last beta release of WMRack. It features cdrom and mixer functions. Please repeat any bugs. Compiled with extra verbose output. Read the manpage for a description of the support...
License Type : Not Specified
Check links on your web site for validity This program will go through your web site and check the links on all the pages to make sure they are valid......
License Type : Not Specified
X time tracking application. ...
License Type : Not Specified
A fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer XaoS is a fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer. It displays the Mandelbrot set (among other escape time fractals) and allows you zoom smoothly into the fractal. Various coloring ...
License Type : Not Specified
Helps to install StarOffice 4.0 on RedHat Get the StarOffice for Linux .tar.gz file...
License Type : Not Specified
Frontend for programs like "cdwrite" and "mkisofs" Frontend for CD mastering programs....
License Type : Not Specified
A Powerfull X Environment, with Toolbar and Window Manager XFCE is a set made of a Window Manager (XFwm), a toolbar/desktop (XFce) and a backdrop manager (XFbd)....
License Type : Not Specified
X File Manager xfm is a file manager for X windows that allows you to manipulate files and directories in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner, as well as allowing you to extend itself with other programs....
License Type : Not Specified
A full-featured mail program using XForms XF-Mail is an XForms-based X11 application for sending and receiving mail. It supports rules, folders, PGP, xfaces, and a number of other features. This is the latest alpha version 1.3 - requires xforms ...
License Type : Not Specified
Fractal generation program A fractal-generation program for X-Windows- this is a port of Fractint 19.2....
License Type : Not Specified

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