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GUI for gnuplot Xgfe is a GUI front end to Gnuplot. It uses the Qt widget set from Troll Tech....
License Type : Not Specified
A keymap editor for the X window system xkeycaps is a graphical front-end to xmodmap. It opens a window that looks like a keyboard; moving the mouse over a key shows what KeySyms and Modifier bits that key generates. Clicking on a key simulates ...
License Type : Not Specified
Very good X11 CD player workman is a graphical tool for playing audio compact discs. It has most of the features available on standalone CD players, such as a shuffle mode, programmable playlists, and elapsed/remaining timers. But it also has ex...
License Type : Not Specified
Drag and Drop Print Manager X print manager with OffiX drag and drop capabilities. Note: to run, must have lpc somewhere in your path (usually in /usr/sbin/lpc)....
License Type : Not Specified
MGv: A Motif PostScript Viewer MGv is Motif based front end to GhostScript based on Ghostview 1.5. MGv is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License....
License Type : Not Specified
A superior mail & news client supporting IMAP, POP3 and MIME A superior (Motif based) mail & news client that supports IMAP, POP3 and MIME. It features virtual mailbox views that filter the mail in a physical mailbox....
License Type : Not Specified
A superior mail & news client supporting IMAP, POP3 and MIME A superior (Motif based) mail & news client that supports IMAP, POP3 and MIME. It features virtual mailbox views that filter the mail in a physical mailbox....
License Type : Not Specified
Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager Release of Macintosh-like virtual window manager (MLVWM). This products is an window manager on X11R6....
License Type : Not Specified
A Motif alternative to xfm Moxfm is a full-fledged file and application manager for UN*X platforms running the X Window system. It is quite similar to the xfm file manager, whose source code moxfm is based upon, and uses configuration files with...
License Type : Not Specified
Drag and Drop clipboard Just a patch to the standard xclipboard program. You can drop things on the clipboard window and they will be inserted into the current clipboard....
License Type : Not Specified
This is an Athena based text editor. It's a patched version of the xed editor. Like xed, you can perform common actions via user-friendly menus. You can also drop a file on the "filename" area and the editor will load this file. If the file ...
License Type : Not Specified
A graphical desktop manager TkDesk is a graphical desktop and file manager for several brands of UNIX (such as Linux) and the X Window System. It offers a very rich set of file operations and services, and gives the user the ability to configure...
License Type : Not Specified
Drag and Drop File Manager This is as file manager based on xfm. It provides virtually all of the features that you would expect in a file manager -- move around your directory tree in multiple windows, move, copy or delete files, and launch pro...
License Type : Not Specified
Drag and Drop Trashcan Trash is a black-hole intended to be used with "files". Every file dropped on trash will be moved to a temporary hidden directory. If you want, the "delete all" button will remove the files in trash from your disk forever....
License Type : Not Specified
Rxvt is intended as a replacement for xterm(1) for users who do not require the more esoteric features of xterm. Specifically rxvt does not implement the Tektronix 4014 emulation, session logging and toolkit style configurability. As a result, r...
License Type : Not Specified
X communications program for modems Seyon is a complete full-featured telecommunications package for the X Window System. Some of its features are a dialing directory that supports an unlimited number of entries, terminal emulation window suppor...
License Type : Not Specified
SmIRC binaries dynamically linked with Motif Installing this package installs the SmIRC binary that is dynamically linked with Motif 2.1. You must have Motif 2.1 installed in order to use this package. See the smirc-common package for a complete...
License Type : Not Specified
SmIRC files common to both the static and the dynamic versions SmIRC is an X11R6 IRC client, based on the Motif widget set. This release has most of the functionality expected from an IRC client. Only DCC is missing. Everything else usually expe...
License Type : Not Specified
SmIRC binaries statically linked with Motif Installing this package installs the SmIRC binary that is statically linked with the Motif 2.1 library. You can install this package in order to run SmIRC, without needing Motif. See the smirc-common p...
License Type : Not Specified
Execution wrapper for non-X applications Execute is a simple tool that work as a wrapper to non-X applications. It redirects stdout/stderr of application to an X window. From that window the user is able to abort the running program, to quit com...
License Type : Not Specified
Motif based mixer for popular sound cards Motif based sound card mixer tool. Lets you set the playback and recording volumes on your sound card....
License Type : Not Specified
Unicode Text Editor Unicode Text Editor by Gaspar Sinai....
License Type : Not Specified
A basic statistical package for X windows Xldlas is an X11 based statistical application with graphing, regression analysis, curve fitting using genetic algorithms, and some other useful stuff. It was inspired by a non-X11 statistics program cal...
License Type : Not Specified
An ancient chines board game An ancient chinese game usually played by four players with tiles similar to dominos. This is an X windows version for the solitaire game originally seen on the PC and later ported to SunView. It also has a new tourn...
License Type : Not Specified
GTetrinet is a clone of the popular Tetrinet game. It is designed to be fully compatible with, and to be identical in gameplay to the original Tetrinet. Tetrinet was originally conceived by St0rmCat....
License Type : Not Specified

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